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Senior Executive, Partnerships & Promotions

Senior Executive, Partnerships & Promotions
  1. Increasing the company’s total revenue and market share.
  2. Achieving the revenue targets set by the company.
  3. The development, implementation, management and monitoring/reporting of
    1. partnership initiatives with B2C partners,
    2. promotions and joint marketing activities,
    3. annual business plan, marketing plan and budget.
  1. Identify, develop and manage partnerships with B2C partners for the purpose of increasing awareness of the company’s products, growing its customer base and revenue. Business partners include payment solution providers, banks, e-commerce partners, airport and tourism authorities, travel partners, ride-hailing and rail service providers among others. Responsibilities include but not limited to commercial contracts, marketing strategies, system integration, result monitoring and reporting.
  2. Identify, develop and execute promotions, packages and joint marketing campaigns for the purpose of increasing awareness, driving traffic and increasing sales. The scope of work also includes planning communication message/materials and content, identifying touchpoints, ensuring availability of ERL products/information on partners’ websites and other suitable channels where applicable, tariff/promotion set-up, involvement in the system integration/e-commerce implementation related to the promotions/partnerships, event handling and result monitoring/reporting.
  3. Compile and provide regular reports/updates to the Head of Management including conducting data analysis, identifying causes/gaps/opportunities, and making recommendations to the management where required to ensure ERL partnership strategy and product positioning remains relevant.
  4. Assist in the preparation of annual business/marketing plan and expenditure budget, and help monitor budget spending.
  5. Assist the company in any other tasks and responsibilities deemed appropriate, as and when required.
  6. To establish and maintain a consistent set of marketing practices and policies.

We are looking for a candidate with a minimum of 7 years’ experience in strategic partnership development, integrated marketing and B2C/B2B e-commerce. The person must have leadership qualities, a passion for marketing and a keen eye for detail. Knowledge of digital marketing, loyalty program, online payment solutions and airline e-commerce will be highly regarded. Experience working in a marketing communication/advertising agency is an added advantage.

The person must possess strong negotiation and communication skills as well as a good command of English and Bahasa Malaysia (both written and oral). Additionally, a Degree in Marketing/IT/Business Studies/Business and ICT, or related field.

You are expected to be :-

  • forward thinking, innovative and creative. A result-driven and self-motivated person is highly desirable.
  • strong in interpersonal/communication, organisational, data analysis and problem solving skills.
  • highly proficient in Microsoft Office. Some technical skills including CMS and Google Analytics will be highly regarded.
  • able to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • able to work effectively in a team as well as independently with minimal supervision.

Someone with a good common sense and thought process goes without saying.

In your resume or cover note, please highlight the most important responsibilities in your current role and your achievements.

Note : This is a 2 years contract employment. Consideration for renewal or permanent will be based on performance.

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*Please ensure that your file is in ZIP, PDF, JPEG or PNG format and does not exceed 5MB in size.